Part II


Building upon the narrative established in 'Being Plucked,' Part II embarks on a journey centered around crafting collectible pieces that draw inspiration from the textiles featured in Part I.

This continuation not only furthers the exploration of themes initiated earlier but also delves deeper into the essence of these themes through tangible objects. By infusing each collectible with layers of meaning and symbolism, Part II aims to invite audiences into a profound exploration of artistry, culture, and storytelling, encapsulated within each meticulously crafted creation.

“It uses discomforting textiles to argue against seeing bird plucking and hair removal as neutral acts. Instead, argues Suzanne Corcessin, these are political acts that perpetuate colonial and gender hierarchies. Through bird plucking and the aesthetics of hair removal, bodies have historically been considered more or less human to be controlled and objectified. The installation uses latex, textiles, silicon, and feathers to create textures that challenge viewers with conflicting emotions to provoke new perspectives on the hair removal debate. In this debate engendered in everyday choices and products, who gets to decide what is right or wrong, beautiful or unsightly?”