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Suzanne Corcessin, a textile designer and artist originally from Nantes, France, has undergone a transformative evolution in her artistic practice. Having commenced her creative journey in textile design at La Cambre in Belgium, Corcessin's trajectory took a notable turn when she pursued a master's degree in contextual design at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Netherlands, graduating Cum Laude in June 2023.

Her works bring into being uncomfortable objects and textiles that confront the viewer with poetic and political aesthetics.

Corcessin lives and works now in Brussels.

photographer: Camille Wanin


“Object Rotterdam”   Rotterdam Art Week  -  Rotterdam  -  February 2024
“Sustainable Innovations”
  Munich Fabric Starts  -  Munich  -  January 2024
“Graduation Show”
  Dutch Design Week  -  Eindhoven  -  October 2023
“Wonder Festival”  
Texture Museum  -  Kortrijk  -  October 2023
“For the now”   
Design September  -  Brussels  -  September 2023
“A shirt is a Canvas” “Collages”
   Shed Show  -  Eindhoven  -  February 2023
“Material profanation”   Dutch Design Week  -  Eindhoven  -  October 2022
“Itinérances”   Abattoirs de bomel  -  Namur - 2021


Master - Contextual Design   Design Academy Eindhoven   2021-2023
Bachelor - Design Textile   La Cambre Brussels   2019-2021
Brevet Technicien Supérieur - Design Textile  
Cholet   2017-2019


Suzanne Corcessin
Born in 1999

+33 6 95 21 58 99

Atelier Au Charbon 
instagram :   @aucharbon.be

Quai des Charbonnages 78,
1080, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Brussels